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"Embracing the Past, Mining the Present, A Rewarding Future"

November 6, 7 & 8, 2016

Delta Ottawa City Centre – Ottawa, Ontario

Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association - 2015 Expert Arm Chair Panel Moderated by Wab Kinew

As we move forward to incorporate community knowledge in day to day planning, sharing, teachings and in law, many are recognizing the importance of aboriginal community traditional, spiritual and lands knowledge to future development.

Mineral companies, governments and society are accepting to embrace this knowledge and attempting to include these values into their policies, regulations and in laws. Community knowledge, youth and minerals and new technologies are being sought today to reconcile and move forward together.

The collaboration of community, industry and governments can yield benefits for all and provide for a rewarding future to Aboriginal communities, the minerals industry and governments to the benefit of all of society.

We invite you to be a part of us in making our 2016 Event a huge success!

About CAMA

The Canadian Aboriginal Mineral Association is an Aboriginal, non-profit organization which seeks to increase the understanding of the minerals industry, Aboriginal mining and Aboriginal communities' paramount interests in lands and resources. Through increasing this awareness, all parties will benefit.

Aboriginal communities and resource companies often utilize common lands for opposing uses and with differing values.

In some areas in Canada, aboriginal communities assert and have title while elsewhere they maintain a residual and ongoing right to use lands ceded by them through treaties, while resource companies also have a right to access and use these same lands for mineral development through legislation. In the next decade how will Aboriginal communities and resource companies move from talking about consultation to evolving forms of consent?

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